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Why Does Online Reputation Matter?
of people
trust online reviews
like personal recommendations
of companies
of users
reported revenue loss due to
a negative online reputation
look for information about
the brand in digital channels
of market value
depends on the brand's
reputation on the Internet
Digital reputation
is estabished across various channels:
How Will Digital Audit Help Your Brand?
Brands often do not monitor their reputation in the online space or do it only partially
Search engines
Having no complete picture of the
brand’s online representation
might lead to a reputational crisis,
followed by a profit loss
Media platforms
Feedback services
Mass & social media
Complete picture of your brand’s perception based on the analysis of presence in all available digital channels
Comprehensive and objective assessment of presence in each channel on a 10-point scale
Recommendations on how to enhance reputation in each channel
Who Needs It?
Full-fledged reputation management in any channel, preventive monitoring of crisis newsbreaks
Solution with Digital CheckUP
No in-depth understanding of online reputation
Difficulties in the evaluation of the current
communication strategy
Poor understanding of development vectors
Communication crisis risks
Business owners
Marketing and PR specialists
Public figures
How Does It Work?
You submit a request
We contact you for details about your brand
Within 2-3 days, we conduct a complex analysis of your brand’s digital reputation
You receive the audit and recommendations on enhancing your digital presence
We can also provide you with all the services needed to implement the recommendations and take your company to a new level in the digital space.
RCheckUP is more than just a team of experts. Our mission is to help brands achieve new heights. That’s why our approach is based on innovation and creativity, prioritizing our clients' goals and customers. By staying on top of the latest trends, research, and new tools, we offer you the best and most efficient ways to succeed in your aspirations.
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